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A composter for every school, compliments of Outdora

Posted on April 22, 2010 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The local company Outdora is helping Sonoma schools go green by donating eleven composters to the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation to distribute to each school in the district.

 The gift is part of an initiative to educate Valley children on the ecological benefits of composting and gardening while deepening the company’s commitment to the community.

The Sonoma-based online retailer of up-market grills, greenhouses and variety of other outdoor-living products at, recently opened a downtown showroom and celebrates its grand opening this May.

“We wanted to be part of the community while aiming in a green direction,” said founder and president Stuart Sager, who has lived in Sonoma Valley the past decade.  A father of two, Sager adds, “Composting and teaching children about growing their own food is really important to sustaining the environment for their future. We hope our donation helps give them practical, hands-on experience.”

Each composting unit has a value of $318 and can produce ten gallons of compost each month. Outdora will also donate one percent of its online sales via links from the individual school’s websites.

“Being sustainable is more than just recycling our paper and using recycled packaging whenever possible,” Sager adds. “It’s about investing in our community and helping sustain our most valuable resource for a positive future – our kids.”