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David Ash Johnson

Posted on July 28, 2010 by Sonoma Valley Sun

David Ash Johnson, 85, passed away peacefully of natural causes in Sonoma, July 9th, 2010. David was born in Topeka, Kansas, the son of Roscoe and Christine Johnson. Following his service as a lieutenant in the US Navy during World War II he received his Law Degree from Washburn University and passed the Kansas Bar. He married his wife Sydney and they decided to strike out from Kansas. They tossed a coin to determine whether to go east or west. West won out and they spent the next 6 years in Boise, Idaho.

In 1955 Dave and Sydney moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he became a partner in his father’s mortgage company. He soon became a highly successful mortgage banker and real estate developer in California and Hawaii. David continued to go to his office nearly every day until just weeks before his passing.

David is survived by his sister Missy, his second wife Betty, his son Clinton and Martin, two grandchildren Lillian and Victor, step daughter Kelli and Kelli’s children, Brooke and Bailey.

Fly fishing and woodworking were Dave’s passions. He and his friends traveled the world in pursuit of wild trout and other fish. Since arriving in California he faithfully followed the fortunes of all the Bay Area sports teams. In his later years he spent a good deal of his spare time in his woodworking shop, making extraordinarily well crafted furniture, which he gave away to his family and friends.
Dave lived his life with enormous enthusiasm, recently describing his life as a “Terrific run.” He recognized, shared and was thankful for his great fortune in both his business and personal lives.

Few who were fortunate enough to know him were left unchanged by his kind spirit. We’ll cherish the memories of Dave’s strength of character, his kindness and his enormous generosity.