New crosswalk bisects busy Verano

Posted on November 16, 2010 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Kids and seniors will benefit from the crosswalk on Verano Avenue near Maxwell Farms Park.

A new crosswalk offers safe passage across Verano Avenue for pedestrians going to and from Maxwell Farms Park. The busy traffic corridor was long a safety hazard, as pedestrians, including kids and seniors, would risk crossing the street rather than accessing crosswalks hundreds of yards away.

“I’m really glad Public Works made this a priority,” said First District Supervisor Valerie Brown. “We’ve been hoping for this for a very long time.”

The crosswalk, marked by traffic signs, has push-button warning signals, and is lit from above by a new streetlight. The placement is especially important because the Boys and Girls Club is right across the street, Brown said.
The crosswalk is midway between the Highway 12 intersection and Riverside Drive, with the park’s ball fields to the south. On the north side are little league diamonds and a senior living facility.

Safety advocates have been calling for upgrades for years. Last January, proponent Jim Cahoon presented to Brown a petition for improvements along the Verano corridor. His mother-in-law, Constancia Morsiquillo, was struck by a car and killed as she crossed the street in April of 2009.

The petition had 1,564 signatures, Cahoon said at the time, “and I could have easily gotten 3,000 more. People are not happy about the situation. A blind man could see what needs to be done.”

The new crosswalk now means that kids, families and seniors can safely access the sports fields, the Club and the shopping center.

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