School district taps teacher Lyndsey Munn for after school program

Posted on December 16, 2010 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Lyndsey Munn has been selected by the Sonoma Valley Unified School District to serve as the coordinator for the After School Enrichment Program for Adele Harrison Middle School, with classes slated to begin in January. An AHMS social studies teacher since 2004, Munn is also acting as the school’s academic coordinator this year and coordinated the middle school summer school.

The After School Enrichment program is the latest project supported by the Sonoma Valley Fund, an affiliate of Community Foundation Sonoma County. In February 2010, the SVF created the Youth Initiative, which focuses its efforts on at-risk students in grades four through eight. In June, at the Youth Initiative’s recommendation, SVH sponsored an enhanced summer school program for academically challenged students who were transitioning into middle and high schools. The SVF also mobilized funding for camp scholarships. Both projects enabled 198 youngsters to participate in meaningful, positive activities during the summer.

In the upcoming After School Program, AHMS students will choose from a variety of enrichment classes, offered on two afternoons for six weeks. A second six-week session is also planned for late spring. The project-based classes help students acquire new skills or introduce them to a career or college field of study. Enrichment opportunities will round out the District’s planned academic intervention classes at the middle school to be held on alternating days, twice a week. Adding an after school component to the school day at Adele Harrison means that every school in the Sonoma Valley Unified School District now offers this type of programming to students who need it. AHMS will be coordinating its program with Altimira middle school which recently received an ASES grant for after school education for its at-risk students.

“I feel strongly that enrichment should be a part of any intervention program,” says Munn. “This type of learning will help engage students and make school an exciting place to be. I saw the positive effect that engagement and enrichment had on students during our 2010 summer school program.”

Dick Drew, chair of the Youth Initiative Council says, “We feel very fortunate to have Lyndsey’s guidance in this new program. During her interview, we were impressed by her vision and by her proven ability to develop and sustain new programs.” The coordinator, with input from the council, will select a group of highly talented instructors for activities attractive to middle school students. Classes will begin in January.

For more information on Community Foundation Sonoma County’s Sonoma Valley Fund and the Youth Initiative, please visit the website at

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