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Healthy steps for a healthy life

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma’s spring-like weather has been the perfect jump start to Shape Up Sonoma workouts. For the uninitiated, Shape Up Sonoma is The Sun’s community-wide health initiative, started with our January 6 edition. In it, we introduced readers to nine community members willing to step forward to help make Sonoma one of the healthiest cities in America.

Since that first week, the response has been overwhelming. We’ve had dozens of community members flock to become members of the Shape Up Sonoma web site, shapeupsonoma.com, and have Facebook fans aplenty. It seems the time is ripe for Sonoma to work together toward health and The Sun is happy to provide the forum.

This week saw the first of the workouts including an early-bird walk led by Public Works Director Milenka Bates. See the Shape Up Sonoma calendar on page 33 for calendar details but know that this is a recurring walk that will take place every Monday and Wednesday morning at 6. Perfect for early risers or those that just need to get in a workout before beginning a busy day, the invigorating power walk starts and ends at Depot Park. Really, there is nothing better than watching the sun peek over the horizon and the ground fog linger on the vineyards as you end your walk and start the rest of your day, knowing you’ve done something truly healthy for mind, body and soul.

Also on the regular Shape Up agenda, lunchtime walks on the high school track led by Principal Dino Battaglini. Recurring every Tuesday and Thursday at noon sharp, Dino invites SVHS faculty, parents, neighbors, students and anyone else interested in sneaking in some exercise to join him on the track.

And the workouts are just the beginning. Local businesses are getting on board to offer special discounts, tours and workout sessions. Our SUS coach Heather Morgan is working with participants to combine healthy eating with healthy habits. Under her tutelage, SUS members are learning how to shop for economic yet healthful food. They’re getting tips each week that are easy ways to move in a positive direction. Even if you don’t want to do the entire SUS program, be sure to check out both the web site and the paper to find simple things you can do to improve your health every day.

Our goal is to get all of Sonoma involved. From the youngest to the oldest community members, everyone benefits from a healthy city. So today, do something positive. Log onto shapeupsonoma.com and become a member. We invite you to challenge yourself. Do something you’ve been afraid to try. Eat a salad for lunch instead of grabbing something less healthy. Drink water instead of soda. And please, give us your feedback.

We can’t do this alone – we need you. So take a healthy step and join today!

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