Commuter Club back on the road

Posted on March 1, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Stranded after running out of membership revenue, the Valley of the Moon Commute Club is back on the road. The owners of Pure Luxury, a Petaluma-based tour and transportation company, have stepped in to fund the weekday bus service to San Francisco.

“This doesn’t need to be a money maker for us,” Jennifer Buffo said she told her husband and business partner Gary. “We’re looking to just break even, and give back the service to the community.”

Officially the Club has hired the company to provide a 31-seat cutaway bus and driver, but Buffo said “its still a couple of riders short” of the break-even point. Pure Luxury will subsidize the difference until a few more members join. The cost is $325 per month.

One trade off is increased publicity and attention for the company, which runs smaller wine country tour buses through Sonoma. And as Golden Gate Transit routes continue to disappear, the commute bus idea may become a viable option in other area towns.

“It seems like there’s a lot of need,” Buffo said. ‘I’m just glad the first one is in Sonoma.”

2 thoughts on “Commuter Club back on the road

  1. Great article. It should also be known that if anyone needs a lift to S.F. they can hop aboard. $15 one way $30 round trip. Leaves promptly at 6 am from the Park and Ride out in Schellville. Arrives in S.F. financial dist. 6:50-7:00

  2. Thanks to all the hard work of the members and certainly for the Press coverage and mostly to Pure Luxury for stepping up! A great service to Sonoma Valley which is much appreciated.

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