High-flying donation

Posted on March 17, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Ernie Camacho of Sonoma Wings receives a check from Real Goods Solar’s Anthony Abaté

Sonoma Wings, the Redwood Empire’s local hang gliding and paragliding club recently received $500 from Real Goods Solar consultant Anthony Abaté.  Club treasurer Ernie Camacho is the owner of a new 4.7kW  PV System and received the check from Abaté at the annual parachute repack clinic hosted by Justin Miller and Garden Creek Ranch where more than thirty reserve parachutes were inspected and packed on a recent Saturday.

“The sport of soaring is a natural partner for solar electricity,” said Camacho, a PG&E employee. “I’m going to save more than $140,000 over the next 25 years, the system pays for itself in seven years, and I get a 19 percent return on investment.  And I’m reducing my carbon footprint.”

As a Real Goods Community Solar Partner, Sonoma Wings receives $500 from every realized lead generated by the club.  For more information or to set up your own Community Solar Partnership call Abaté at 331.9679 or go to

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