Senior project profile: Victoria Vincent

Posted on May 5, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma Valley High School senior Victoria Vincent is on a mission. She has been working with the teen parent program since the beginning of the year collecting baby clothes and assisting in infant and toddler development.
“I really like kids and want to learn different things. I wanted to help the community and teen parents who might not have enough money to buy clothes,” said Vincent about why she chose this topic for her senior project.
She has been helping in the teen parent baby room, located on the north end of the SVHS campus, every Wednesday and Friday. She assists moms, helps console crying babies, learns about child development and basically, does whatever else is needed. “It’s a really good program, I thought the moms wouldn’t like me but they’ve been nice and welcoming. Becoming a parent at any age is a challenge. Imagine doing it when you are still a child yourself.”
Vincent has also concluded that becoming a teen parent is both difficult yet rewarding. “Some of the difficult aspects include raising a child when you are a child, family relationships and most of all, the cost. Teen pregnancy is proven to have many factors attached to it that affect not just teens but the families involved as well as the baby for generations to come. There are no easy answers for teens. Ultimately, each teen has to make a highly personal choice,” said Vincent.

She is continuing to collect donations of new and gently used baby clothes in sizes zero to four. Donations can be brought to the teen parent program on the SVHS campus, 20000 Broadway, Room L7, 933.4049.

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