International delegation from Korea visits Cittaslow

Posted on September 8, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Cittaslow Sonoma Valley and Cittaslow USA came together earlier this month to host a delegation from Jeollabuk-do Province, Korea. The delegation, which included the Governor of the Province, the President of the University, and other distinguished guests visited with the goal of learning how Sonoma Valley became the first Cittaslow in the United States and the headquarters of the national USA network for Cittaslow. 

Jeollabuk-do is the seventh Cittaslow established in Korea and, as such, has many similarities with Sonoma.  Both communities are interested in pursuing enhanced quality of life for their citizens by supporting sustainable agriculture, local arts and traditions, sound environmental policies, beneficial use of new technologies and inclusion of all citizens in community development.

Gary Edwards, of Cittaslow Sonoma Valley, and Virginia Hubbell of Cittaslow USA, put together a full day of activities to share with the delegation.  The group visited organic farms and vineyards, tasted wines and olive oils, toured cultural and historic sites, and enjoyed the abundance of local food products that are the hallmark of Sonoma Valley.  The international visitors were also officially welcomed to the city by Mayor Laurie Gallian and members of the City Council.  

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