Jones inspires mentees

Posted on September 12, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Alexis Jones, left, spent an afternoon motivating mentees and mentors at the Lodge at Sonoma recently. She is pictured here with mentor Jessica Short, center, and mentee Crystal.

“I Am That Girl” Alexis Jones paid a visit recently to the women and girls of the Stand By Me Mentoring program.  During an inspirational afternoon at the Lodge at Sonoma, mentors and mentees listened spellbound as the 28-year-old Jones delivered a message that was at once mesmerizing and motivating.

Jones’ has her own 21st century, one-woman movement known as “I Am That Girl,” which seeks to inspire girls to believe in themselves.  She is passionate, charismatic and has made a whole lot happen simply by believing in herself.  She was a contestant on the popular prime time TV show, Survivor, as well as the host of the TV show ‘On the Red Carpet’ for three years.  Jones was also contacted by First Lady Michelle Obama to come to the White House this October, and has been sought out by the family of Michael Jackson to mentor his daughter, Paris.

Her message – that girls who believe in themselves are “beauty-full” – was well received by both mentees and mentors alike.  Her website is a resource for girls everywhere.

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