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Posted on November 21, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

In “Doctor Zhivago,” playing Wednesday, Nov. 23, at the Sebastiani Theatre, wide-screen master David Lean does for snow and Julie Christie what he did for sand and Peter O’Toole in “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Running nearly 200 minutes, the gorgeous 1965 film is nearly as long as the Bolshevik Revolution itself, but the stunning visuals, the sweeping narrative and an all-star cast (Omar Sharif, Rod Steiger, Alec Guiness et al) move the effort along with the help of Maurice Jarre’s Oscar winning soundtrack, one of the best known in movie history.

Adjusted for inflation as of January 2010, it has the eighth highest lifetime domestic gross of all time. 1 p.m. $8. 996.9756.

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