Wizbots move on to regional championships

Posted on December 1, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Wizbotz team found success at a First Lego League competition recently. They are, from left to right, top row: Andrew Powers, Gregory Kenton, Erik Serbicki, Liam Sheldon; bottom row: Jack Boydell, Ty Brenninger, Trevor Griggs-Demmin, Sam Weisiger

A recent fall Saturday found a group of friends on a trip to Vacaville for a “First Lego League” competition. The boys, all age 10, comprised the Wizbotz team. Team members included Jack Boydell, Trevor Griggs-Demmin, Andrew Powers, Ty Brenninger, Liam Sheldon, Sam Weisiger, Erik Serbicki and Gregory Kenton. 

The Wizbotz were among 12 teams from all over northern California, three of which were also from Sonoma, including one from St. Francis Solano School. Each team created a robot for the FLL’s Food Factor Challenge 2011.

The teams first went behind closed doors, without coaches, to three different judges’ rooms to present their projects. The judging included Robot Design, Project Presentation and Core Values. 

Next, each team had a series of four “matches” against the other competing teams. According to team member Liam Sheldon, the first match was challenging but, as the boys got the hang of things, they began to score more points, earning 110 points in their final match.

Success was at hand as the boys won first place in Robot Design. They will be moving on to the Regional Finals in Sacramento in February.

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