One big lump of coal

Posted on December 7, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Santa Claus, mugged? Not even the Grinch would have thought it possible – an unruly kid ruined Santa’s visit to the Plaza last week. The little lout jumped up on the fire truck and grabbed, painfully, St. Nick’s beard. The commotion led to an early exit for the Jolly One, a big disappointment to all the children deprived of a visit. The good news: Santa comes back to City Hall this Friday (12/8) at 5 p.m. to pose with all the kids who want pictures with him. Punks, bullies and disbelievers stay away, and may a team of reindeer kick some sense in to you.

It’s a small, busy but small, world for School District super Louann Carlomagno. She caught a stray dog wandering along Highway 12, and called the number on the tag. The owner of the escaped pooch recognized her name. It was a student from her teaching days, now grown with a family, dog and hole-in-the-fence of his own. Dog safely rescued. If only saving the school budget was as manageable.

The long list of seasonal good deeds includes the Book Stars program at Readers’ Books, where children’s books purchased, and donated back, go to a needy child in the Sonoma Valley. Says Andy Weinberger, “If they grow up without books, without an appreciation of the written word, if they grow up without dreams and the information to act on them, their lives — and all of our lives– will be diminished. It’s that simple.” And no, kids, text messages don’t count.

The most popular date for a holiday party, besides a model or a doctor? According to Evite, it’s Sunday, Dec. 11, followed by Sunday, Dec. 18 (12%) and Saturday, Dec. 10 (11%). On average, a holiday party invitation is sent 20 days in advance. By comparison, New Year’s Eve invitations are sent 16 days in advance and Super Bowl party hosts only give their guests 14 days notice.

A sweet moment in council chambers when Joanne Sanders was named mayor of Sonoma. “I represent four people,” said Morgan Sanders to her honor, his wife, during public comments. “And I’m here to tell you how proud we are of you.”

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