Naughty list?

Posted on December 15, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A Sonoma woman, 52, was surprised to receive calls and texts regarding her escort service, definitely not her line of work. Seems like a vengeful frenemy had posted the fake notice on Craig’s List… Those Tweets and Facebook updates about your holiday trip? A good way to tip off burglars that you’re not home, the FBI says… This burglar broke into a convenience store on Broadway the old-fashioned way, forcing entry and having at a heavy safe with power tools. He opened it only to find it completely empty – the store doesn’t use that safe anymore. The thief left empty handed, though you figure he might of lifted some chips and Slim Jims for the road.

Sonoma Skate Park will get a $25,000 resurfacing, in part to repair damage done by BMX bikes. Those freestyle bikes won’t be allowed in the skater’s area anymore, by threat of citation, but there’s talk of creating a ride and jump area for them just south of the skating bowl, all in Maxwell Farms Park… A great venue to keep teens active and off drugs, proponents said at a community meeting last week. Except maybe the handful of kids gathered at the park late that afternoon, smoking pot. More of the touring bike type, perhaps.

Howard C. Ehret, who passed away this week, was well known and respected for supporting community causes. An active member of the Rotary Club, among other groups, Ehret was the guiding force behind many Sonoma Community Center activities including the annual OX Roast and the 4th of July festivities. “Howie was the man with the plan who knew how to get it done,” said the SCC’s Toni Castrone, speaking on behalf of the center’s board, staff and volunteers. “His dedication and sincere love of his community helped Sonoma keep its small town virtues.”

FISH or cut bait. Friends of Sonoma Helping, the nonprofit that helps feed the hungry, is facing its biggest demand ever — and donations, wouldn’t you know it, are lagging. Longtime volunteer Dick Severson says the recipients are people we see every day, at school or working in the Valley, that have fallen on hard times. They need a little assistance or they will be homeless and go hungry. FISH planned to give out some 400 food boxes at Christmas, but there’s barely enough food for 100 boxes. Help make it happen with a tax-deductible donation to: FISH, P.O. Box 507, Sonoma, 95476. Or look for bins for canned food at Hanna Bots Center, Harrison Middle School and even Dick’s front porch, at 20012 Louise Lane…Two more ways to support FISH, and both involve drinking and dancing: The Songwriters in Sonoma concert at Meadowcroft on Dec. 15 is a benefit, as is the Dec. 20 night at Murphy’s Irish Pub. Get out there and shake your donation maker!

Definitely time for a spirit lift. But before the voices carry you away, note who’s playing backup when the Valley of the Moon Chamber Ensemble presents its annual Christmas Concert on Sunday (12/18). When the group couldn’t find the right accompanist, corps member Kristen Armstrong cajoled her son into pitching in. That’s why Nigel Armstrong, a rising international classical music star, will sit in. This year promises to be the best yet, says Sheila Whitney. “Our sound is the best blend we have ever had, and our chops are the best ever as well…” Sing it, and sing it loud. A big bunch of Harmony is just what we need right now.

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