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Happy New Year Sonoma

Posted on January 5, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sun took a break last week. Our apologies if you missed your weekly dose of news, your favorite columnist, the puzzle page or the wit that comes from Page 3. For us, it was a nice respite. A time to spend with family and friends without deadlines and delays, phone calls, printer issues, masses of emails and the like. It was good but, it’s even better to be back. Thanks and Happy New Year Sonoma!

Send me a sign, and then some
A sign you say? How about a couple dozen. Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of signs that have popped up all over Sonoma lately? There are street sign and bike lane signs and park signs and signs to identify practically every facet of life in our small town.

When I was a kid, the rumor was that prisoners made license plates and signs. I have no idea if this is true. But if there was or still is any validity to this claim, then Sonoma alone could be keeping a small army at San Quentin quite busy.

A friend who lives on Second Street East commented recently about the signs on her street. According to her, there are 13 bike route signs on the east side of the street alone – a short half-mile stretch. She assumed that a matching set would adorn the west side, calling it government waste at its worst. I haven’t followed up with her to find out but it’s worth a look for sure.

But she did get me thinking and noticing new signs in other parts of the City. For instance, in my neighborhood there are new signs designating the Fryer Creek bike path. And a new sign located near the high school playing fields indicates the way to Denmark Street and, of course, the bike path. Up near Vintage House on Second Street – my friend is correct – you can stand in one spot and see THREE bike route signs. Oh, and there are bike route paintings on the street as well.

Not only does it seem a bit like overkill and an incredible expenditure at that but it certainly takes the mystery out of discovering Sonoma by bike. Call me crazy but one of the things I like best about travelling is pretending that I’ve found something that no one else has. A cool alley, a less traversed country lane – something that makes me feel less-touristy, more towny. Well, forget losing your way here. Sonoma is labeled like never before.

I realize that we were designated a “bicycle friendly city” but it seems like its been taken just a bit far. Anyone else feel the same?

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