Sanders: 'I am the one'

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma Mayor Joanne Sanders will run for the First District Sonoma County supervisor’s seat, the sixth candidate in the field. The ever-confident Sanders, now in the last year of her second city council term, says she’s got the experience and vision (and the local address) to best represent the Valley.

The turning point was the loss of the redevelopment agencies, she said of the decision to run. “The intention is that the schools will benefit – I want to make sure that happens.” She also wants to have a voice in making sure the Springs improvements, and other threatened projects, go through. In a time of profound changes in local government, Sanders, said she understands the complexities of how the city and county work together. She’s proud of her budget-balancing work, too. “I’m the one,” she said. “I will see this through for Sonoma Valley.”

A forum for all the candidates is shaping up for March 8 at Ramekins, which should have room for all of them.

For all the early talk about the Supes race, what about the 2012 city council contest? Two seats (those of Sanders and Laurie Gallian) will come open. The last two elections have been a study in extremes. Last time out, there were seven candidates for three seats. The election prior, just two for two seats: Sanders and Gallian, who was appointed to the post after the election was canceled for lack of candidates. Which way will it go this time?

Idyllic, pastoral Carriger Road is becoming a land use battleground. The Hanna Boys Center is looking to develop the 57 acres that sit between it and the northern end of Carriger. Plan: get approval for seven lots, each from four to seven acres in size, then sell for cash to support the Center. Can’t argue with end result, but residents are concerned about all the traffic that would bring to, as one neighbor said, a favorite exercise route used by walkers, joggers, cyclists, children, dogs and occupants of Serenity Homes… one of the few scenic country roads remaining on the floor of the Valley of the Moon.” They’d rather see access via a new driveway off of Arnold Drive, or through the Hanna property itself. Another worry: a drain, literally, on the watershed.

Yes, you aren’t crazy – the price of gas really has jumped about 20 cents over the last 10 day. It was about 35 cents cheaper a month ago. Ah yes, last month. Those were the days.

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