Rave reviews for new middle school web sites

Posted on March 9, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Keeping up with Sonoma Valley students just got a little bit easier, thanks to new web sites at both Adele Harrison and Altimira middle schools.  The new sites went live in late February and, according to Adele Vice Principal Glenn Moll, are meeting with rave reviews.

To get the job done, Moll approached a volunteer group who had earlier revamped the web site at Sonoma Valley High School. Working with staff at each school site, including Adele Principal Karla Conroy and Will Deeths, principal at Altimira, the group decided what was important at each location.  They then set about telling the story behind and news of each school in an organized, efficient, user-friendly yet 21st century way.

“The new web sites offer a means for each school to communicate with families effectively,” said volunteer Britta Johnson.  “This is a wonderful way to showcase all the great things going on and the opportunities that are available for students at the middle school level.”

Parents have responded positively to both of the new sites saying that having all school information together in one place is especially helpful.

“As a communication tool, the web sites can’t be beat,” said Johnson. “Not everyone is connected to email so the sites provide that access for all parents.  And, they also afford a simple way to go green. With this approach, it’s possible that someday, we might eventually be able to eliminate using paper altogether.”

The websites were built by local Sonoma-based web design, hosting and software development company, WildFireWeb.

The volunteer group behind the sites includes:  Megan Kaplan, Joanna Greenslade, Alison Pimentel, Megan Segre, Heidi Stovall, Jim Cashel, Alison O’Donnell, and Lynn Ross.

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