Sanders would take pay cut as supervisor

Posted on March 31, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

If elected as 1st District County Supervisor, Joanne Sanders said she would donate 30 percent of her salary to charity.

The Sonoma mayor challenged her opponents, and sitting board members, to make a similar pledge. The remarks came at the Santa Rosa Democratic Club’s candidate forum on Wednesday.

Sanders said it is “almost unbelievable” that supervisors are paid on the average about $150,000. She said she is shocked at these salaries, along with what appears to be the inflated pay levels of many county administrators.

“County revenue is not just an abstract word, it is the hard earned money of real people who are struggling,” Sanders said.

If elected Sanders said she would reduce her salary by 30 percent and contribute the funds to a community oriented non-profit

A 30 percent salary cut for five Supervisors would generate nearly a quarter-million dollars for not-profits serving citizen taxpayers, she said.

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