Republic of Thrift distributes $6,000 to Sonoma public schools

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

After just three months of operation, Republic of Thrift has exceeded expectations in terms of both the volume of donated goods and the public’s support.  Set to donate $500 to each of the Sonoma Valley School District’s 11 public schools as well as the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation, Republic of Thrift owner Jeannette Tomany says the community has been “amazingly supportive.”

“Our first quarter turned out to be an incredible start for Republic of Thrift.  With 100 percent of the store’s net profits going to public schools, we feel like we are on the cusp of doing something huge,” said Tomany.

In the midst of educational cuts, Republic of Thrift is showing its commitment to providing much-needed additional revenue for the Valley’s cash-strapped public schools.  The store itself it not yet in the black and has significant start-up costs to recoup while Tomany continues to work without salary and will do so until January 2013.  Two additional team members are paid employees and the three are working tirelessly towards their goal of paying profits out to schools.

“We are going to prove that the little guys out there can do big things and make a difference,” said Tomany.

Republic of Thrift accepts your gently used clothing, shoes, furniture, house wares, etc.  For more information contact Republic of Thrift or stop by the store for a unique “retail-like” shopping experience.

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