Posted on June 14, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Art heist on the Plaza! Eagle-eyed Eagle Scouts pulling night watch duty for the ‘Hit the Road Jack’ art show saw suspicious activity: a teenager sneaking out of the tents. A full description was given to the police, but the sticky-fingered art aficionado got away. His take, discovered by vendors the next morning: nearly 500 paintings and prints… Only one alibi possible: I was framed.

The Sonoma City Council will hear the case Monday night to establish a Sonoma Tourism Improvement District, allowing a two-percent addition to every hotel room bill. The money would go to a new board charged with promoting the town and attracting more tourists. Critical funds, say proponents, now that city money that had supported tourism (funding to the Visitors Bureau, etc.) is all dried up. What does it all mean? That your brother-in-law will pay an a few more bucks for his hotel room the next time you don’t let him sleep on your couch.

Now that the Supervisor race is over, for now, the race for two seats on the Sonoma City takes center stage. Incumbent Laurie Gallian and David Cook, who finished fourth for the three-seat race in 2010, have taken official steps. Madeline Agrimonti is a safe bet – she told her fellow Hospital Board members she won’t seek another term there. As for the other incumbent, Joanne Sanders, who in the past two years has run for state senate and county supervisor, what’s next?

Have you seen the sign in front of the Epicurean Connection on Napa Street? Stick your head through the cut-out for a cheesy (in a good way) photo, email it to friends, have a laugh. Cute, right? One neighbor didn’t think so. The complaint churned up the city’s permit bureaucracy: threat of fine, review by city staff, Design Review Commission hearing, possible appeal to the City Council. Yikes. Maybe it would have been easier to open a Big Box store.

The Meadowcroft Wines’ music series, which began in January 2011 at the tasting room at Cornerstone Sonoma, is relocating. The monthly third-Thursday series will now reside at the Community Café on Sonoma’s West Napa Street. The June 21 show features the Katy Boyd, Adam Gottstein and Uni and her Ukelele.

Had a long day? It gets worse. Next Thursday, June 21, is the officially the longest day of the year, sunlight-wise. To celebrate, the Grange and Transition Sonoma are throwing a no-host Summer Solstice Picnic on the Plaza. Enjoy. Six months from now, it’s already dark.

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