Sonoma Valley Fund honors legacy donors

Posted on June 19, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

On June 29, more than 150 Sonoma residents will be honored at a special reception hosted by the Sonoma Valley Fund. Committed to leaving a portion of their estates to designated nonprofits serving a broad spectrum of the Valley, this group marks the inauguration of the Sonoma Valley Legacy Circle.

Legacy gifts and bequests have become an increasingly important source of income for Valley health, welfare, and cultural organizations in the wake of reduced public funding and lower annual charitable giving due to the current economy.  

“Legacy gifts come in all sizes,” says Sonoma Valley Fund’s President Barbara Young.  “They can be large or relatively small donations and come from wealthy individuals and families as well as people of more modest means. What’s important is for everyone to recognize the critical need for increased financial support for our non-profits these days and to examine the current options available in providing for charitable bequests in one’s own personal estate planning.”

Current City of Sonoma Alcalde and Sonoma Valley Fund President Emeritus Whitney Evans adds, “The Sonoma Valley Legacy Circle provides an opportunity to thank the growing number of generous people in the Valley whose gift of a bequest will have an enduring impact on the quality of life in our community for many years to come.
Sonoma Valley Fund is encouraging those who have made a legacy gift – or a legacy gift commitment – to a Sonoma Valley charitable organization to attend the reception. To arrange for an invitation contact Martha Rosenblatt at [email protected] 

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