Cuclis: no to write-in campaign

Posted on June 27, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A letter to The Sun from Gina Cuclis, who finished third in the 1st District Sonoma County Supervisor primary: “Ever since June 5, Sonoma Valley residents have asked me to do a write-in campaign. I’ve received numerous e-mails and have read the letters in newspapers. Many are disappointed and angry that Sonoma Valley lost its seat on the Board of Supervisors. Because I was the leading Valley candidate, finishing third, I have even received offers of help and support for a write-in campaign from people who weren’t involved in the last election.

“I am flattered and humbled by these sentiments, but realistically, a write-in campaign isn’t feasible. I understand the desire of community minded individuals to have the kind of election they wish the last one had been — one strong Sonoma Valley candidate running against the two from Santa Rosa. But it’s too late.

“To move forward, I recommend we each do our due diligence. Research the candidates; ask them tough questions about Valley issues; insist on clear answers. Demand specifics on how they will demonstrate that Sonoma Valley will be their priority. Then after the election, let’s all work together to hold that new supervisor accountable for the commitments made to Sonoma Valley.”

— Gina Cuclis, former candidate for 1st District Sonoma County Supervisor

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