Barbose Endorses Gorin

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Submitted

For the first time, we will be electing a supervisor who is not from Sonoma Valley. We need to carefully consider the person we choose to represent us. We need a supervisor who will be responsive to the Sonoma Valley constituents, who will make sound decisions on the range of complex issues facing our county, and who will represent the interests of all the people in the district not just a few large campaign contributors. That person is Susan Gorin.

Susan has a history of community involvement before she was elected to the Santa Rosa City Council and a track record of being responsive to her constituents as a school board member, a city councilmember, and mayor of Santa Rosa. Susan is known by many as a politician with a steadfast commitment to protecting the environment. However, she understands and appreciates the needs and concerns of small business owners, having started a small business with her husband Joe, which they ran together for ten years. As a council member in Santa Rosa, she led the charge for locally-owned business development instead of traffic inducing big box stores.

Susan has served her city as a council member and as mayor as well as serving on a number of regional boards and commissions. This experience gives her a firm grasp of the big issues facing our county related to water, transportation, education, economic development and the need for sustainable financial planning and management. To learn more about her experience, qualifications, and positions on the issues, go to

Susan is not supported by big moneyed development interests and will not be beholden to them in representing the interests of all the people in the first district. I urge the voters in Sonoma Valley to join me in voting for Susan Gorin for supervisor.

Steve Barbose

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