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Heather Morgan Heather Morgan, MS, NLC, has worked as a nutrition and lifestyle coach for the past seven years. She has taken numerous certifications in the field of nutrition, holistic healing, weight loss and lifestyle coaching, and has grown a successful practice that includes work with corporations, public lectures, coaching through various forms of media, work with celebrities, and on movie sets.


Do you Crossfit?

Posted on October 5, 2012 by Heather Morgan

Crossfit, the sport of fitness, has come to Sonoma and it’s all the rage. Based on high intensity, short duration workouts followed by a long and thorough warm up, Crossfit is the fitness training approach used by Navy Seals, professional sports teams, and now, main-stream America.

From Grannies to people with disabilities, Crossfit can be adapted for everyone, no matter what their conditioning level. You join a class and modify the workouts until you get better and stronger, all the while improving your level of conditioning and getting closer to your goals. Gone are the days of aerobics classes and treadmills. There is a new approach to fitness that is backed by science and gets fast and lasting results.

EA Morgan, owner of EA’s Crossfit says, “Most people have never actually been conditioned in their lives. Some of us have been fit, and maybe even thin, but being conditioned prepares you for life. It keeps you strong and flexible so you avoid accidents and injuries.”
The Crossfit method has proven to be helpful for the nervous system, heart, brain, hormones, neurotransmitters, and so much more. The unpredictable, high intensity workouts keep your muscles and nervous system on it’s toes, so your body is constantly engaging in growth hormone and other repair systems to keep you young and fit.
Crossit gyms are called “boxes” and the people who Crossfit are called “athletes.” Because it is actually an official sport, (you can see the games and competitions on CNN Sports), Crossfit athletes can actually participate in games and competitions at many levels.
Crossfit is fun. Word on the street is that people who come out of their comfort zone and give it a try love it. EA’s Crossfit now has a community of over 100 athletes strong (pun intended), and they attest to the supportive, interactive, friendly community atmosphere that makes it worth the hard work.

And, finally, what I love most about Crossfit, is that they emphasize diet and much as they do exercise. They have a full nutrition and lifestyle coaching program that guides you in eating right in order to maximize results. I am honored to be the nutrition coach for EA’s Crossfit, and excited to have a weight loss program that educates and gets great results.
EA’s Crossfit will have an open house on Saturday, October 6, from 1 to 4 p.m. at 19698 Eight St. E. There will be live demos, athletes answering questions, myself, explaining about the Crossfit nutrition program. All new visitors to the event can join the Crossfit beginners series ($180 value) for free.

So come check out Crossfit and meet EA, who was voted among the Bay Area’s top personal trainers by the SF Examiner Magazine. His 20 plus years experience and high level of corrective exercise training will help you to finally become the conditioned person you were designed to be.

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