Support for Laurie Gallian & Susan Gorin

Posted on October 30, 2012 by Submitted


I am proud to be on the host committee for a fundraiser supporting both Sonoma City Councilwoman Laurie Gallian and candidate for County Supervisor, Susan Gorin. Both have proven records that offer the best evidence for supporting them.

Laurie Gallian has taken her job seriously — starting a year before she even ran for city council — by attending every council meeting as she learned about the issues. Laurie always learns all the facts about an issue before suggesting a course of action. Without a doubt, she is the most prepared and capable candidate running for this office. As a personal friend of Laurie, I have witnessed the process she goes through in making decisions that affect our community. It is her level of commitment, thoroughness, and integrity that place her at the top of the candidate list. Her endorsements include Congressman Mike Thompson, Assemblyman Jared Huffman, the North Bay Labor Council, the Sierra Club, SEIU 1021, and current council members Ken Brown and Steve Barbose.

Susan Gorin also has the support of the Sierra Club, North Bay Labor Council, SEIU, Engineers and Scientists of CA Local 20, SRJC Federation of Teachers, Progressive Democrats of Sonoma County, Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Mark Leno, Michael Allen, and many other local office holders. She is a champion of environmental issues, including support for green jobs and local agriculture. She has a track record that has earned my vote and support.

Both Laurie Gallian and Susan Gorin have proven their commitment to local issues and their integrity in dealing with them. I encourage support for these outstanding candidates.

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