Brilliant Satire

Posted on November 5, 2012 by Submitted

I’m not sure who was responsible for last week’s Our View (which featured the Sun’s endorsements in the November 6 election) but I think they’ve definitely earned the keys to the executive washroom. Well done !!
I was troubled when I read your first endorsement, NO on Prop 30, until I read the rationale: we don’t need a handout from the state; yes, we can avoid the evisceration of California’s educational system through ‘local’ efforts. Then I got it. Utterly brilliant satire, extra dry (think Jonathon Swift meets Stephen Colbert). And I was in hysterics !! Yes, vote NO on Prop 30. I myself can save the UC and State college systems with a stroke of my pen. Here’s a ‘local’ check to balance the books Chancellors. Long may we learn !!
And the ‘NO on Prop 34′ endorsement suddenly made more sense as well. Just because every other civilized and well-educated country abolished the death penalty a long, long time ago, why do we need to follow in lockstep ? We’re cowboys, rebels, freedom-fighters here in America. We know better than those windbags. Just because there’s not a wisp of evidence that the death penalty deters violent crimes, we have every right to like it. And we do !! Oh, you editorial writers are killing me !!!
I only wish you had taken this polemic one step further and offered your endorsement for President. Wait, let me guess: a write-in vote for Rick Perry, right ? Now that’s rich !!!!

– Patrick Finley, Sonoma

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