Chapter, verse and cake

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Lilla and Andy Weinberger celebrate 21 years of Readers’ Books, the independent bookstore that has remained relevant in a computerized world through an eclectic inventory, staff personality and customer service, author readings and other in-store events.

The anniversary fell, coincidentally on Small Business Saturday, of which Andy Weinberger wrote, “the strong suit of small business is that it creates community, a fabric of fascinating stores and shops and exotic little spaces that draw people to them. Big corporations cannot do this. They are all about economies of scale, selling big ticket items or complex services that wind up putting lots of people in high rise buildings, where they work out of anonymous cubicles like bees in a hive. The end product may be enormous, but it’s a product, not a community. I have nothing against the big corporations, they serve a valid purpose, but aesthetically, morally, I am forever drawn to the underdog. It is only just in my view that Small Business Saturday and Readers’ Books Birthday are joined thusly at the hip. Hoorah.”

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