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Sonoma dreams and New Years wishes

Posted on January 4, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

We’ve asked a few local notables to share their hopes, dreams and predictions for 2013. Here, while the new year holds promise and all things are possible, are some of the replies:

It is my fervent wish that Sonoma stays prosperous, safe and we make major progress on a Community Swimming Pool, securing the Sebastiani Theatre and we have sidewalks throughout Sonoma and Sonoma Valley.
Ken Brown
Mayor, City of Sonoma

As your new City Manager, my resolution is to continue to provide outstanding service and to represent the City with professionalism and honor, my prediction is that 2013 will be a year of positive outcomes for the City with a focus on addressing the needs of the community and finally, my wish for 2013 is for everyone to see the best in everyone you meet and all that you do. We are all blessed to live in such a beautiful place as Sonoma!
Carol E. Giovanatto,
Sonoma City Manager

In 2013, I resolve to accept that if I listen to the radio, I WILL get a Justin Bieber song stuck in my head.
Toni Castrone
Executive Director, Sonoma Community Center

My wish for the New Year is that every child on our waiting list who needs and wants a mentor in their life, (and asks us every day if we have found one for them!) will be matched with a caring adult in 2013.
Kathy Witkowicki
Executive Director, Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

The Sonoma International Film Festival looks forward to introducing films and filmmakers from all over the world to the readers of The Sun… five days of inspiring and engaging films complimented by award winning wines and delicious foods.  We are resolved to deliver a world-class film festival to all of you.
Kevin McNeely
Executive Director, Sonoma International Film Festival

Share, share, share…
Kate Eilertsen
Executive Director, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

My wish is that the VFW will be able to educate the general public about the needs of returning veterans and show them, the public, how they can help in meeting those needs.
Dan Parker
Commander, Sonoma Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Our wish for 2013 is that our community continues to be a leader in taking care of the foundations of our future — our children and our natural resources, and that we work together closely to accomplish this.
Richard Dale
Executive Director, Sonoma Ecology Center

As I look forward to the challenges of 2013, both known and yet to be revealed, I am heartened by our community’s support for the hard work ahead. Community is our sense of place and our shared space. It is the intangibles that anchor us here, home. It is the shared meal with friends, the sidebar conversation at the store, and a thoughtful walk through the Plaza. Community is also our shared responsibility, knowing that we are all citizens together. I know much can be accomplished. My goal for 2013 is to do my best to represent Sonoma on our City Council.
Laurie Gallian
Sonoma City Councilmember

I predict a pizza-by-the-slice joint will open on the square. (This is less of a prophecy than a simple request. Someone please get on it.)
Steve Brunoli
SUN FM Host and Sun contributor

We will come to our senses and enact reasonable gun legislation that will begin to protect our children, teachers, and citizens.
Simon J. Blattner
Publisher, Eastside Editions

My hope for 2013 is that peace will prevail. I wish that if people kill people, not guns, we should make it more difficult for people to get the guns.
Maddy Leader
District Director, Soroptimist International

I predict residents in the Springs will begin exploring the idea of incorporating (forming into a city) so that we can have local control.”
Gina Cuclis
Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee

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