Community Center Improved?

Posted on January 12, 2013 by Submitted


It is a shameful spectacle to see the community center demolished for a new theater. All of the intricate and artful plaster work has been destroyed. Acoustic treatments might make the room better for amplified music. But historically the room served for decades with unamplified music. The old world charm of the building has deceased.
Now the price of the new theater comes directly back at the community. Ticket prices go up for the sake of vanity. The community theater was never intended to be a business model. Sadly the community center continues to push the for profit model rather the egalitarian model.

Why should the community have to pay more to access its own community hub? The so called good intention funds spent come at a price. Was the theater built for the people, or was it built to cater to a limited theatrical alliance? A facelift does not make an old soul any younger.

Let us remember the old time religion and community fervor that erected our community center. We mustn’t forget it was a purposefully built for the people not profit.

Scott Woebcke

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