New Year's Challenge for FISH

Posted on January 12, 2013 by Submitted


Dear Editor,

Although we at FISH are still enjoying the afterglow of a successful Christmas season, we are facing a tremendous challenge. Since dialysis is not available in Sonoma, we have been providing out-of-town rides to and from kidney dialysis for a number of Sonoma Valley residents. Each dialysis treatment takes four hours and two FISH drivers multiple trips each week.

Last month FISH received two new requests for dialysis treatment that we have not been able to fill. For those in need of dialysis the short-term solution is for FISH to recruit more drivers. Each new request for dialysis translates into six drivers each week! If you could volunteer to drive for medical appointments, please call FISH at 996-0111.

Perhaps there is a long-term solution for dialysis patients that would include receiving dialysis treatment in Sonoma. Hopefully there is someone or some group whose expertise allows them to tackle this problem.

Sandy Piotter

Sandy Piotter

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