Assisted living to rehabilitation nightmares

Posted on January 21, 2013 by Submitted

Editor: I would like the chance to have someone explain assisted living and care. Mid November, my Father in law, had his Right foot Wrapped for pressure treatment at a local Assisted Living Center. The Attendee left it wrapped and wet for 3 days when it was discovered that his toe had turned gangrene, he was seen by Kaiser and released for another appointment to follow. Two days later he was admitted because the treatments were not working.
After his toe was stable, Kaiser moved him to a local Rehabilitation Center, where they promised, excellent care, full liability and promises of the Stars. Within 3 days they were not administrating medicines on time, we had to fight for Wound Dressings and the food was undesirable. The next day , I was called because his wound had not been dressed.
When I arrived after work, I found out that Kaiser insisted on dressing changes every 24 it had literally been 38 hours. I called Kaiser who insisted he be picked up and returned to Kaiser. While waiting, I was able to find a we Nuese who would change his dressing. When opened, the aroma was easily identified. The Toe had gotten worse.
After another 4 days at Kaiser, he was moved to another, facility here in town. He was getting better, actually walking and do the prescribed Rehabilitation. Then when no one would assist him in using the Toilet, he fell. Bruising his entire left Hip to Knee. Now being he is on Blood Thinners, the Bruising became worse… And he wound up back at Kaiser for a Blood Transfusion. Because of the fall and his foot.
Now we have little or no advocacy, he facilities say it’s not their responsibility. So who do we turn to?
Michael Donegan

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