Deal with it

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

It’s been nearly two weeks since the 49ers lost the Super Bowl but the wound, like an undercooked chicken wing, is still raw. How are you progressing through the Five Stages of Football Grief? 1) Disbelief, anger, breakage. 2) Depression, hangover. 3) Recycling all cans and bottles. 4) Permission to toss out the “lucky” socks unwashed since the Packer game. 5) Check Giants schedule… Unused headline: “COLIN KAP-UT.”

Philanthropists Les and Judy Vadász have been installed as Sonoma’s Alcaldes, a ceremonial title recognizing outstanding community service. In her remarks, Judy jokingly mused, “Haven’t we all heard enough about Sonoma becoming Andersonville? I want to start calling it Vadasz-Village.” … Speaking of newspaper magnates: antique ceramics and furniture from the collection William Randolph Hearst will be part of the “Hoist & Haul” event at Artefact Design. The sale starts Saturday at Cornerstone Sonoma. If among the items you happen to find a sled named Rosebud, by all means buy it.

But for the ‘For Lease’ signs, the office next to the Sonoma Chamber of Commerce remains glaringly vacant. Not the best symbol of confidence for the local economy. Rent local!

The new wing of Sonoma Valley Hospital is beginning to take shape, its steel skeleton already framed. Helping to shore up the fiscal foundation is a new $2.56 million loan. The cash goes to make up an $11 million funding gap. The capital campaign for is going so well, officials say, that construction and equipment purchase won’t be delayed, as once feared. Projected completion: October. Final tally: $43.8 million.

As for the confused tourist in Glen Ellen, looking for Chauvet Street and asking, “How do I get to Shove-It?” Please, don’t make me show you.