Police Harrasment

Posted on March 12, 2013 by Submitted

Editor:What with wrong with Sonoma county sherrifs department.Im 45 years old I obey all traffic and criminal laws.Before I moved to Sonoma ,my mom used to own the world famous Foothill house in Calistoga and with are hard work, we made that buisness #3 in the united states #1 in California.Had several awards by Triple A Bed and and several other orgazinations.The reason Im saying this Im not a street thug hoodlum or criminal I rarely drink dont use drugs pretty much a law abiding citezen. I moved to Sonoma two years ago and been harrased by the police since day one and I dont understand why I dont feel safe in sonoma and feel I have to move.Only reason I think Im being harrased because Im part mexican. because there is no other reason. Confused