Thanks a lot

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The public parking lot at 152 East Napa is well used, at least by a nearby merchant. Councilmember Steve Barbose notes that five to seven bakery trucks are parked there for most of each day. Not the intent of the free lot, which is supposed to make life easier for shoppers, not retailers. The council will discuss it… as for parking in one of the electric charging spots there, do so in a regular car and get zapped with a $100 fine.

The Cat in the Hat made his annual visit to Dunbar Elementary School on Friday, an incentive for the school’s reading program. The character is still wildly popular at age 54, which is really old in cartoon cat years… Last weekend’s ‘Save Our Sports’ dinner raised $29,000 to fund next year’s sports programs at Harrison and Altimira middle schools. High fives to all, and nice “touchdown dances’ out on the dance floor, but there’s still $23,000 to make goal. To donate call Chickie Vella at 938.3232.

What’s to become of Morton’s Warm Springs Resort? The vintage swimming and picnic spot, above Kenwood on Warm Springs Road, has been sold to Sonoma investor and landowner Stephen Portis. The price tag was about $1.5 million for the 19-acre property, which comes complete with three pools, a creek, baseball fields and prime summer lounging space. It also comes with neighbors clearly opposed to expanding the Resort, both in season (it’s traditionally open May-Sept.) and scope (no expansion or construction). Without the ability to upgrade, the current business model is taking on water. Time to throw in the towel?

Dog owners – oops – dog guardians aren’t happy with the no-dogs clause that comes with the Montini Property. “Dogs don’t ruin trails,” quips one wag. “People with dogs ruin trails.”