City Council: Just Amend the General Plan

Posted on April 3, 2013 by Submitted

I am asking City Council to just make an amendment to the General Plan and avoid having Preserving Sonoma ( and the People of Sonoma Valley go through the trouble and expense of a special ballot election.

Why is City Council so complacent on Chateau Sonoma? The Silence is deafening. The People are concerned that Sonoma Plaza and the Council has been Sold Out.

Mayor Ken Brown signed the Hillside Alliance initiative in 1999 to stop the Rosewood Hotel when he was on City Council and led the way as a megaphone for the People. He made us proud and was written about in the book titled “Tale of Two Valleys.” He was representative of Sonoma Values but today, Chateau Sonoma does not fit. Nor are these other proposed hotels on S. Broadway being investigated like Kessler Collection, a Florida-based company. Why is this so different? Most of Sonoma view it as the same thing repeating history.

Measure A passed in 1999 by about a 3:1 ratio. Most of Sonoma think Chateau Sonoma will be the same way.

As I understand, Preserving Sonoma needs to get just over 1,000 signatures and then present to City Council. Council then can take it upon themself and change the General Plan, or fail to perform their duty out of fear or conflict of interest, and move it on to a special ballot.

The People are about to over-run you and strip you of your ability to make a decision mainly because they believe you won’t do the right thing. Remember, the People are hoping for your swift action and prefer you to do it, but at the same time, there is sufficient concern to warrant them taking matters into their own hands as a result of your indecision.

Stand up Sonoma City Council. Do it now.
Ralph Hutchinson
15+ year Sonoman