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Earth Day Sonoma: Day on the Plaza

Posted on April 17, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Most would agree that every day on this amazing, irreplaceable planet is Earth Day. We’re more aware than ever that the Earth, and all that inhabit it, are in need of our good stewardship and focused attention. Even so, the annual event called Earth Day, which began in 1970 and has been celebrated yearly around the world ever since, will have its own Sonoma-style observance. On Saturday April 20, join the Sonoma Ecology Center and Transition Sonoma Valley, along with dozens of community partners, as we celebrate Earth Day, a global effort to raise environmental awareness.

The day will feature the many remarkable organizations, businesses and people from around our valley that every day care for the planet and strive to create a resilient, vibrant and connected community.

The Earth Day Sonoma celebration is about local folks spending a day, sharing their work, skills, knowledge, resources and ideas and to engage and inspire fellow Sonomans to take actions toward restoring our planet to a healthy, balanced state. As a community, we need a healthy ecology; local food, energy and water; a strong local economy; efficient transportation; healthy bodies; and greater preparedness for disasters.

Climate disruptions, global warming, fossil fuel depletion (the danger and expense of its extraction), and economic uncertainties are all interconnected. While we often feel overwhelmed by these challenges, it’s critical to know that there is a groundswell of activity that is tackling them head-on.

On Saturday you’ll meet energy efficiency experts; learn about greywater, local farms, worms and compost; you’ll learn ways to take better care of your health, your home, your bike and your watershed; and you can celebrate the bounty of our valley’s food and music. This is the work that is already unfolding in our Valley in a very inspiring way, building on the beauty, talent, ingenuity and spirit that exists here. It’s about a positive vision that by joining together to create resilient, self-reliant communities we have a chance, if not to reverse, at least do less harm to the place where we eat, sleep, work, recreate and raise our children.

Please join us by getting involved in a variety of stewardship projects around Sonoma Valley from 9:00 a.m. to noon. and then come share food, inspiration, heart and good times at the Day on the Plaza festivities from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Come be inspired by what is being done, get focused on what we need to do and get involved with your community in creating a vibrant vision for our and our children’s future.

Howard Cohen, Earth Day – Day on the Plaza Coordinator, Transition Sonoma Valley
Melinda Kelley, Transition Sonoma Valley
Seth Dolinsky, Transition Sonoma Valley

Earthday Schedule PDF


  • The Sonoma Biochar Initiative
  • Sonoma Compost
  • Oak Hill Farms
  • Paul’s Produce
  • The Grange
  • Oak Hill Farms
  • Marty Clein – Home Gardener
  • 350 Home and Garden Challenge
  • Daily Acts


  • Lin Marie DeVincent (Poet Tree)
  • Tricia O’Hara (Conversation Café)
  • DJ Saucy /Superior Sound System
  • PlanBe
  • Steve and Stefan
  • Lucas Prana
  • Teresa Rousseau / Earthdance Circle
  • Patricia Everette
  • Denise Martini
  • Nuestra Voz
  • Stacey Tuel (Penny Hens)


  • Transition Sonoma Valley Community
  • Woodland Star School Community
  • La Luz Center Community
  • City of Sonoma Community
  • Sonoma Ecology Center Community
  • Sonoma Community Center Community
  • Sonoma Green Business Program Community
  • Southern Sonoma Resource Conservation District Community


  • Beanstalk Energy
  • EarthStar Electric


  • Mike [the bejkr]
  • Epicurean Connection
  • Isa Jacoby
  • Slow Food Sonoma Valley
  • Julie Atwood Events
  • CittaSlow

Health / Wellnes

  • Om Child Yoga
  • Yoga Community
  • Northern Cal Shambala
  • Steven Lewis
  • Jayne Brogan
  • Margot Schaal
  • Michael Joseph
  • Annaka Karle
  • Ned Hoke
  • Sonoma Shambhala Meditation Center

Reuse/ Recycle

  • Green Team


  • Wine Country Cyclery
  • Sonoma Chevrolet