Gorin Won't Answer Question

Posted on May 17, 2013 by Submitted


In my entire adult life, whenever I sought information from my local, state or federal elected representatives, I always got answers to my questions, and never have had to justify why I was asking a question before getting an answer. That is, until now.

I e-mailed Supervisor Susan Gorin last month inquiring about the qualifications of the gentleman she appointed to the Sonoma County Fair Board. I am aware of the fair’s challenges and its need for a well-connected, highly engaged board. As I told Supervisor Gorin, “it’s necessary for the County Fair to be financially self-sustaining.” When I read in another newspaper that she had appointed a 77-year-old, former K-3 private school operator from the Brush Creek Road area of Santa Rosa, I was perplexed. Furthermore, she had told me it would be her priority to appoint Sonoma Valley residents to county boards and commissions. She said this when she was seeking my endorsement.

This is Gorin’s reply to my inquiring e-mail:
“Curious about why this is important to you?

I thought the reason was clear in my original message, but I responded explaining again. I also reminded her that why I was interested should be irrelevant to the fact that it’s her job to answer constituents’ questions. That was April 28. On May 2, I called her office and told her assistant Pat Gilardi that I still wanted an answer to my question. To this day, I’m still waiting.
Gina Cuclis
Boyes Hot Springs