Dog Parks

Posted on June 14, 2013 by Submitted

My letter is to put out informtion on our local dog parks.The dog parks are open to the public, and everyone has a right to bring their dog. I feel very upset that our local dog parks, Ernie Smith, and the dog park downtown next to the police station have been taken over by patrons that think they own the place. They make up their own rules, and can be verablly abusive. The dog parks are for the dogs to socialize, and play, not for the people to dictate, and contol. Sonoma county regional parks run the Ernie Smilt and the Glen Ellen dog parks. I have spoken with Pam at the parks headquaters, and she confirmed that the dog parks are open to all dogs big, and small at all times. There are no restrictions, and certain hours that are set aside for different sizes of dogs. Unless your dog is aggressive, and attacking other dogs, everyone has a right to be there. Patrons that use the dog parks need to understand that they are responsible for their dogs and need to pay attention at all times. Alot of these people spend their time with their heads in a newspaper, or socializing with people, and not paying attention to what their dog is doing. Alot of people don’t understand, or have a clue what normal dog behavior is.. I have worked with dogs for 20 years am an a certified dog trainer. I know what normal behavior is, and what bad behavior is, and its usually the people with the bad behavior, not the dogs. The dogs are there to have fun, and excercise. Just becasue a dog is young and has alot of energy dose not mean its out of control. I have spent alot of time at all 3 dog parks, and feel alot of these partons have put themselves on a pedastool, and have announced that they are in contol, and allow themselves to dictate and control. Its time to burst their invisable bubble, and take back the freedom of the dog parks. Dogs are dogs, and unfortunatly anything can happen when you put alot of dogs together, big and small, any size has the potenial to bite, it is a risk that you take when going to the dog parks. Most people with aggresive dogs will not take them to dog parks, but their are those that will, so staying alert, and paying attention at the parks instead of reading or absoring yourself in a converstaion, look up, and take responsibility. Also educate yourself about dog behaviors, whats normal, and whats not, so you can stop and accident from happening. You can approch a person without attacking them verbally. You don’t have to be nasty about it. Its all about the way you conduct yourself. If you want a positive response from a person do it in a positive way. and in most cases you will get a positive reply.
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