Snowden image in parade was an insult

Posted on July 5, 2013 by Submitted

Editor:On the morning of July 4, I rode my bike to the square, got my coffee at the Basque as usual and sat down to watch my favorite parade. I enjoyed the bands, firetrucks, vintage cars, and kid’s groups.

Imagine my dismay and then outrage when a bit past the “Remember the Vets Group” a float with a picture of Edward Snowden came by as if it belonged with the rest of the marchers. Mr. Snowden, regardless of his naive intentions, gave some of this nation’s top secrets to 2 countries that want to see everything this nation stands for destroyed. That, is treason!

I will defend any group’s right to demonstrate their dislike of this country and/or it’s policies, but not in my 4th of July parade. That is an outright insult!

That float belongs in the same dark garage as Mr. Darius Anderson’s “Che Guevara” tank.

I have an American flag t-shirt that says “if this flag offends you, I’ll help you pack” I’m available any time.

An old fashioned Patriot,
George A. “Buzz” Moll