Free Speech Is NOT Ruinous!

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Submitted

Editor: I am responding to the Letter titled “A good parade, ruined”, written by Mr George A Moll. I cannot disagree more. What better day to exercise our constitutional rights and debate our beliefs than Independence Day? What better time than during a civic event such as the parade? I find it ironic that by this recent July Fourth, we had become well aware that Government at ALL levels, Federal, State, and Local, are spying on the citizenry, building great databases to track us, our physical movements, our telephone calling patterns, our financial transactions, our internet activities. Soon Government will be deploying vast fleets of drones to spy on us no matter where we may go. I for one was happy to see that decorated truck in the parade, reminding us our freedom is being stolen from us by governments at all levels. The exercise of free speech and alternative opinions ruin nothing, except maybe someone’s complacency and their acceptance of ever growing tyranny.
Chuck Larrieu