We must, all of us, be on guar

Posted on October 22, 2013 by Submitted

Hans Frank the Nazi ruler of Poland wrote in 1942….
“The power and the certainty of being able to use force without any resistance are the sweetest and most noxious poison that can be introduced into any government.“

Our veneer of civilized humanity can often times be thin. Read the history of Germany during the nineteen thirties and forties to see what barbarisms a highly civilized and cultured people are capable of.

Remember in Florida when a heavily armed Miami Swat team burst into a private home and forcibly took a child away from its father. And after Katrina in New Orleans when armed police invaded the home of an elderly woman and threw her down on the floor and forced her out of her house. How about the Waco Siege and Ruby Ridge Idaho? Do not forget the history of our own inhumane treatment of the “Okies”, the Native Americans, the Asians, the Hispanic agricultural workers, and the African Americans.

We must, all of us, be on guard to insure that this does not ever happen here again!

Roger Jackm Young

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