Sets the Record Straight

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Submitted

For some time now we City residents have been deluged with expensive flyers from the
opposition to Measure B. The “broad-spectrum” testimonials, the ad hominem arguments, the allusion to unintended consequences and threats to public safety all smack of desperation that the facts don’t warrant!
It basically comes down to how one sees our City. Is it to be a “world-class tourist destination” as recently described in another local newspaper, or do we have something special to protect? I think that the history of Sonoma, combined with the unique setting, the agricultural heritage, the scale, the Square and all of our devoted citizens make this quite special!
Nobody I know is saying no new hotels, they’re saying lets keep our priorities straight and lets not build things that we’ll come to regret. Once the tipping point has been crossed we can’t go back!
For those who would capitalize on the qualities of our town, please don’t. Vote with me and countless others to (actually) protect Sonoma by voting YES on MEASURE B!
Bob Mosher

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