Campaign signs designed to confuse

Posted on October 31, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Editor: When you do not have a cogent political argument, the best tactic is to confuse people. You may have noticed signs advocating “No” on Measure B in order to “Protect Our Plaza.” Allowing large hotels to dominate our beautiful plaza will “Protect Our Voice” and “Protect Our Neighborhoods”? Really? I can only presume people who have these signs in their front yard do not understand the implications of Measure B or have incorrect information regarding the measure.

I strongly encourage Sonoma citizens to read the text of the measure and vote their conscience. Voting “yes” on Measure B stops big hotels in Sonoma and ensures we do not have the large corporate hotels that blight neighboring cities like Napa. Voting “yes” on Measure B will support limited growth and retain Sonoma’s small town charm so we can continue to attract visitors who enjoy the wonderful community spirit that exemplifies Sonoma today. Vote yes on Measure B

Patti Kozlovsky

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