Steve Page Thinks We're Stupid

Posted on November 3, 2013 by Submitted

In his IT piece Steve Page says that Measure B “subverts” the design review process of Sonoma, when all it does is add a stipulation about the size of hotels, one of many regulations that the Planning Commission, Design Review Board and City Council must adhere to by law. Many of these regulations did not exist at one time, and have come into effect as conditions change, such as the recent ban on large chain stores.
His cynical attempt to dismiss the measure as merely “promoted” as a peoples’ initiative, despite the significant amount of citizens who signed the petition and will vote for Measure B, would be laughable were it not for the further insult to the people by his implication that the review process is so “tremendously complex” that only government officials are capable or trustworthy of making informed decisions.
He objects to the very existence of initiatives, citing some negative effects of Prop 13 as proof that the whole legal structure that allows the people to speak is too prone to the voters’ stupidity, then claims that it is Measure B proponents that think the people of Sonoma “aren’t smart enough to look after their own best interests”. Wow, that is some convoluted logic!
Mr. Page, the voters know what measure B says and that’s why it will win at the ballot box despite your view that the citizens are just too stupid to get it.

Michael Lockert

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