Felony charges in deadly Highway 121 crash

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Eighteen felony charges have been filed against Damodar Chandradas, 25, for the October 29, 2013, vehicular crash on Highway 121 in Sonoma.

The case alleges that the San Francisco man was driving on a suspended license when he passed on a blind curve at an excessive speed, lost control of his car and swerved into oncoming traffic, the which caused the victims’ vehicle to collide with the defendant’s. Sergei Beoglozan, the defendant’s passenger, died at scene of blunt force trauma.

The male driver of the victim vehicle suffered broken legs and his 5-year-old daughter, who was in a car seat, suffered a spinal cord injury.

The charges include: vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and with gross negligence; driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and causing great bodily injury and or death; possession for sale and transportation of methamphetamine, cocaine and MDMA; felon in possession of a loaded firearm; and various great bodily injury enhancements, including causing paralysis, gun charges, and driving on a suspended license, as well as allegations that he committed these felonies while on probation for a felony.

In the defendant’s vehicle, officers found cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA and a loaded semi-automatic long-rifle which contained 53 live rounds of ammunition.

Defendant has prior felony convictions and has been convicted of driving on a suspended license on three prior occasions, which are alleged on the criminal complaint. He is housed at MADF and bail will be set at over $1 million. In addition, he has a no bail probation violation hold in place out of San Francisco County.

District Attorney Ravitch stated, “My office has worked tirelessly in conjunction with the Napa C.H.P. to gather the evidence necessary to bring these charges and place this man in custody.” As with all allegations of criminal conduct, Damodar Chandradas remains innocent unless and until proven guilty.

The case is being was prosecuted by Chief Deputy District Attorney Diana E. Gomez, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Denise Urton. Officer Phil Ross of the California Highway Patrol, Napa Division, is the investigator.

3 thoughts on “Felony charges in deadly Highway 121 crash

  1. This creep ,(I could call him much worse) is 25 ? Look at the mess he made .My wife was maybe 10 minutes from being the hit . A blind curve while being intoxicated ? Are you flipping kidding me ? Another report I read said his license was suspended three time before .How does he register a car ? Whose name was on this vehicle .Jail any person who helped this guy . He’s no damn good .I don’t see how you ever rehabilitate this guy .

  2. Why wasn’t he already in jail with no opportunity to get out? He’s destroyed the family life of this father and child, created unbearable emotional and financial hardship for them for the rest of their lives. But he was allowed to be out in public to do this even though he’d violated the laws before. Shameful CA laws and sentencing.

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