Sibling suicide threats; Drunk of the Week; New meth mix and more

Posted on January 22, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Troubling times for the Sonoma family with two troubled teenagers. A boy, 15, was found on the ground of the Plaza rest room, passed out drunk, on January 16. He told deputies that he had tried to kill himself with an overdose of tequila. He was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, then to the county facility for a psychological evaluation. Hours later, perhaps to get her own share of attention, his little sister, age 13, posted suicide threats on her Facebook page. She was tracked to a friend’s house where, when authorities arrived, she locked herself in a bathroom. Finally talked out, she too was put on a “pysch hold” at the same county facility.

Drunk of the Week

Deputies responding to January 15 reports of a reckless driver on West Aqua Caliente caught up with the offender. The Vacaville man, 21, said he had consumed “just one beer” (specifically an I.P.A.) but the subsequent breath test rang up a .08 blood alcohol level – just hitting the illegal limit. No sympathy. He was jailed

Bloody fool

A blood-stained burglary scene was discovered on the Sonoma Valley High School campus the morning of January 14. A nimble thief had climbed atop the woodshop building and broken a window to gain entry, apparently sustaining a cut on the broken glass during the descent. Despite leaving numerous blood stains and handprints, the flesh-wounded thief managed to not only steal several power tools, but used one to try to drill through (unsuccessfully) the lock of The No Name Café. No immediate leads, but police have plenty of “blood evidence” to start the file.

Return to sender

It started when a uniformed delivery driver gave what he said was a casual wave to a youngster along his route. The child’s father said the gesture was less than first class: “He flipped me off,” the man told police. The father stalked down to the corner of 1200 Larkin to confront the deliveryman, shouting, “I’ll knock your head in” and all acting aggressively. To police, he denied any aggressive behavior. No charges were filed in the January 13 incident.

No place for street fighting man

The reports were of a wild melee 2 a.m. melee in the 23000 block of Central Avenue (“50 people fighting in the street”), but the scene was subdued when the law arrived early on January 12. While officers were at the door of one implicated residence, a man emerged from the backyard gate of a house across the street. Bloodied and dirty, he approached a police car and, perhaps mistaking it for a getaway vehicle, told the deputy “Let’s go.” Alas, the ensuing trip was to jail. The Springs man, 20, disheveled, drunk and abusive, was jailed for resisting arrest and being drunk in public.

Hiding in plain sight

Note to known drug users on searchable probation: avoid walking dark roads, after midnight, with two black backpacks. When deputies saw just such a figure on January 11, near River Road and Riverside, they made contact and recognized the 26-year-old Springs woman from a drug previous bust. Stashed in her pack was a bent spoon containing burned residue – a classic meth set-up. A container with traces of meth, in which the drug and water are mixed together before injection, the emerging technology of intravenous meth use, was also found. Up her sleeve was sunglass case containing nine syringes, possession of which is illegal. She was busted for that, and, given her crazed manner and the fresh needle marks on her arm, being under the influence.


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