Sheriff's chopper rescues stranded dog

Posted on March 16, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A black lab trapped on a ledge high above the Sonoma coastline was rescued Saturday by the Sheriff’s Helicopter “Henry-1.

The owner of the dog had called 911 asking for help as her dog had fallen over a cliff above Portugese Beach at about 1:30 p.m. The chopper arrived on scene and spotted the dog, which was stranded on a 2-foot ledge about halfway down a 90-fot ledge.

Pilot Paul Bradley landed nearby, and Deputy Sheriff Henri Boustany affixed a 100’ “long line” to the belly of the aircraft. Boustany attached himself to the bottom of the line and was flown by Bradley to the ledge where the dog was stranded. Boustany noticed the dog was wearing a chest harness and used it to help secure the dog.

Officials said the dog was not agitated by the arrival of the helicopter.

Pilot Paul Bradley landed nearby and Deputy Sheriff Henri Boustany affixed a 100’

Once the dog was secured, it was flown to the top of the cliff and released to Bodega Bay Fire personnel, who quickly reunited the dog with its owner.

The rescue took less than three minutes to complete.

The “Henry-1” crew, based at the Sonoma County Airport, routinely trains with all types of technical rescues to include cliff, ocean, remote rugged terrain, swift water and occasional animal rescues. As in this case, a helicopter rescue is launched to prevent
bystanders will often put themselves in peril in an attempt to save animals in distress and become victim’s themselves.

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