Police blotter: coffee and a perp; bogus bank withdrawals; Drunk of the Week; and more

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Better make that order to-go: The cop cars parked outside might have been a clue, but a shoplifting suspect picked the wrong spot for a cup of coffee when he wandered into Starbucks on March 21. A deputy noticed that the man looked like the one caught on surveillance video after lifting goods from a Sonoma grocery store earlier this month. The distinctive lettermans jacket seen in the crime photos was eventually found in his possession, sealing the bust.

Bad signal

Despite pleas that he was too drunk at the time to remember the incident, a Glen Ellen man was arrested for making threats against his ex-wife. The suspect arrived at the woman’s Studley Street home on February 20, a residence from which he had been banned last May, according to the her father, who was visiting at the time. The two men had a heated argument, and the suspect left the premises, only to renew his rants over the phone. Statements such as “I’ll kill you all,” recorded for the police to hear, earned the man an arrest for intent to terrorize. An emergency protective order was issued as well.

Drunk of the Week

The purple 1992 Crown Vic making an elaborately wide turn from East MacArthur, just missing a light pole before continuing on its merry way, was duly pulled over at about 6 p.m. on March 20. The driver, a 51-year-old Sonoma man, appeared to be deeply soused, and no wonder: “I’ve been drinking for three days,” he said, though only “four beers today.” The total might have soon increased if he had made it home with his cargo of 12 Keystone beers. Why that particular brand? “I only drink the cheap stuff,” he said. He tested at an astounnding.25 blood alcohol level – three times the legal limit.

Savings account raided

With all the identity fraud going on, a Sonoma woman was rightly suspicious of email from a bank asking for account information. She contacted her own bank, only to find out the inquiry was legit, but there was indeed a scam going down. Seems two checks totaling $3,800, forged, had been drawn on her savings account and deposited by ‘Cheryl Paul.’ Probably a bogus name, but somewhere a real account; police are following the money.

Young, angry and drunk

Turns out the 20-year-old regaling the crowd at Steiners Tavern with tales of his exploits as an undercover agent in China and North Korea wasn’t really a spy after all. He was just really, really drunk. The lad was 86’d at about 12:30 a.m. on March 18, but kept trying to reenter the bar. A deputy on foot patrol intervened, and the confused young man walked away, then returned yet again. Eventually arrested for drunk in public, the suspect put up a struggle, wrestling and kicking until finally cuffed and stowed in the back of the police car. The outburst merited a resisting arrest charge. He was jailed

Born to run

A man wanted for twice resisting arrest was spotted at the Sonoma Marketplace on March 17. He told police that he was not him, he was his brother, but when that ruse failed, the 22-year-old resorted to his usual M.O. – running away from police, for the third time. After a brief foot chase, he was cornered, cuffed and arrested for violating probation (the first runaway), the warrant (the second) and the latest escapade.

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