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Posted on April 12, 2014 by Submitted

Editor:You know how at the holidays, when you’re rushing around so much it takes a special moment to really get you into the spirit? But unwrap a long forgotten ornament, or see a little boy’s excitement over the latest Spiderman toy and bam! You’ve got the glow again?
As the ED of the Sonoma Theatre Alliance, I had one of the “moments” yesterday as I did a little spring cleaning in my office in the lobby of the Rotary stage in Andrews Hall, SCC. We’ve all been so busy getting Season 2014 off the ground, It really hadn’t sunk in that we open with LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in one week! I had come across a stack of old fliers from our inaugural season 2010. Gathering dust was a flier for “Ze show” a CAPS musical revue, an article from 2009 announcing our plans to bring live theatre by locals back to Sonoma and a poster for And Then There were None by Silver Moon. Well, that did it, I got That “feeling”. I got “in the spirit” of our season- Number five. Seeing those fliers from the past reminded me of all the wonderful entertainment produced these past four years, and the wonderful support we’ve received. Five years ago we were sitting on folding chairs! Four years ago we were un miked, with no acoustical assistance. Thank you Sonoma, thank you Rotary.
It’s pretty unique what we do…Theatre companies collaborating to provide a season of eight shows, using a mix of actors just starting out or returning to theatre, and professionals lured by great shows and excellent directors.
At our general auditions last month, so many actors mentioned how grateful they were to have such a wealth of shows to audition for locally. Their words really hit home. Our member companies (NARROW WAY, M AND G, ETC!, SONOMA STAGE WORKS, SILVER MOON THEATRE, AND MARTIN PRODUCTIONS) are not just providing entertainment, they are providing opportunities for actors, writers, poets, musicians, dancers who want to perform. Here. Just off the square! Sonoma Theatre Alliance strives to provide a creative space for all – for the guy that sits in his cubicle all day and writes a one man show on his lunch hour, for the mom who waits for her kids in carpool and belts out EVITA for an upcoming audition, or the acting student home for the summer. It’s here for all of us.
You can show your support of quality theatre by buying a ticket, even better – buy a season ticket! All monies go directly to the companies, allowing them to fulfill the artistic vision of their show. Remember, when you buy a season ticket you’re not just choosing shows you want to see, you are showing support for the artists who want to entertain you- here in this town we all love.
Jaime Love

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