Bikes for kids

Posted on April 19, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Young recipients of new bicycles celebrate with Darius Anderson and Jeff Montague, who partnered to bring 15 new bikes to kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley (BGCSV).

BGCSV staff worked together to identify families in need from the five BGCSV locations. All the kids chosen to receive a new bike do not now own a bike, and many have never had one.

“The kids at the Boys & Girls Club are so lucky, this time, because of the thoughtful generosity of Darius and Sarah Anderson’s gift of the bikes,” said Dave Pier, Clubs’ CEO. Montague, of Wine County Cyclery, augmented the donation by acquiring the bikes at cost and put them together, ready to ride.

“A new bike is a prize possession that many families are not able to afford,” said the BGCSV’s Kirsten Schepp. “The kids will be thrilled!”

The bikes, top of the line Schwinn and Trek Mountain Bike models, have a total retail value of $5,000. They were presented to their new owners Friday, who prompting began riding around the Clubs’ Maxwell Clubhouse.

Pier thanked the donors for making it possible. “This kind of support truly does make Sonoma a better place,” he said.

One thought on “Bikes for kids

  1. Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing or Baring Gifts. It’s not amusing to watch how Darius turned his back so many times on the people who supported him in building his Fantasy Hotel. How he is Anti Union and who he supports when he needs his back scratched. Darius should really come out and let the taxpayers of Sonoma know what his hidden agenda is.

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